5 Reasons to Gift a Custom Portrait

Gifting is hard, I know. We always want to give something new, creative.

People might forget - what makes a gift truly important is the thought behind it and the sentimental value it represents. I don't think you can put a price tag to that! A custom illustration is one of the many ways you can express how much you appreciate and love them. Here's 5 reasons why you should consider gifting a custom portrait:

  1. Unexpected Gift
    It is definitely an uncommon gift. It's a gift that can represent feelings and memories you share with that someone. Surprise your loved one with a custom portrait of your favourite memory together. Reminisce the moment and share joy, laughter! 

  2. Art and Emotions
    Do you get excited about receiving presents because they make you joyful, motivated, or intrigued? Of course they do, but most presents only hold their value for a few days or weeks until the recipient loses interest. Art has a power to provoke emotions. It's not something that you will 'use' and throw away. A custom art gift will always bring about remembrance of the feeling when they first received the gift.

  3. It's for everyone regarding of age!
    Unlike many other gifts, a custom portrait is not limited by gender or age or occasion. It makes your gifting process much simpler!

  4. Everlasting
    It's a priceless and timeless keepsake that will be a conversational piece wherever it's placed. Be it an anniversary, birthday or wedding, a custom portrait gift cater to any moment and can be treasured for years to come.

  5. 100% Unique and Customisable
    As it is a hand drawn and made to order art commission, it can be 100% tailored to your request. Over here at By Craft Room, we have a wide range of portrait gifts! Let's create a unique illustration for you and your loved ones.
There are also many talented artist on the internet and I am sure you can find an illustration style that you like! Happy gifting!



    5 Reasons to Gift a Custom Portrait