How to: Choose the Right Photo for your Portrait Order

Before you place a portrait order, it is important to choose the right photo(s). We have put together some tips below to help you choose the right photo!

Drawings are hand drawn and painted with reference to your photograph. It is an artist interpretation rather than a copy of the photo. Your choice of photo is important to ensure we can paint best likeness and create something that you will treasure for many years to come!

Here are some useful tips!

Image Quality
The image resolution of your photographs is very important as allows the artist to see and capture the fine details. Some useful tips or observation of a good quality photos are

  • Min 3MB size
  • Well lit and focus
  • A good contrast between light and dark areas

Pose and Composition or Layout
Do check if the photo is a good representation of the person or animal's personality as well as physical appearance. The artist will work based on what she can see from the main photograph. If possible, it will be helpful if you would share supplementary photographs! 

Here are a list of things you want to avoid:

  • Small, Blurry Image
    If the image is too small, the artist won't be able to see the little details that make up the individual. Details are important as it helps the artist achieve great likeness of the portrait drawing.
  • Poor lightning or distort colors
    Every person and every animal has colors that are unique to them. If the colors are off and not accurate, making it into an art would be a challenge and final artwork might appear unrealistic. 
  • Combining multi-photos that conflict
    We can definitely work with multiple photos for group drawings. However, please ensure to have neutral lightning for all photos.

If you have other questions, do check our our FAQ page or drop me a message via our contact form. We are always happy to provide advice and recommendations! No obligations :)


How to: Choose the Right Photo for your Portrait Order