How to: Care for your Art

Here at By Craft Room, we create art pieces to capture your life's precious people and moments. We've complied some useful tips to help you make sure your art collection remains in perfect condition for many years to come. 

How to care for your art tips card

Avoid direct UV sunlight 
Always avoid spaces with direct UV sunlight as it may damage and fade your artwork over time. We recommend to place the artwork next to a winder instead of directly in front of it.

Here at By Craft Room, even though we ensure to coat our art pieces with a layer of UV protective spray, we recommend to still care for your art pieces and avoid direct sunlight.

Transferring and/or cleaning your art pieces
To avoid scratches or damages to the original art and/or frame, we highly recommend to use a microfibre or soft clean regularly. 

When handling art pieces, take extra precaution to ensure your hands are clean! Your hands might look clean to your naked eye, oil from your skin might potentially transfer onto your artwork causing permanent stains!

Avoid water, moisture & extreme temperature
Do not place your artwork close to cooling or hot units such as air conditioning and heater. It is important to note that even a framed artwork can develop mould in a damp place over time. This is because of the moisture being accumulated from the reduced airflow. 

Have a hook strong enough to hold your frame
If you are planning to frame the artwork for wall display, please ensure you have a hook strong enough to hold your frame. Always take into consideration the weight of the artwork and the strength of your walls.

Sticky velcro hooks can be a great temporary and affordable option for lighter frames. For heavier framed works, you won't regret taking extra effort to get a hook that last.

We hope you find these tips helpful! 



How to: Care for your Art