Custom Family Watercolor Portrait


Capture your favourite moment in a unique artist way with a personalised family or group portrait illustration in watercolor. Unique caricature portrait gift idea for families, friends and as a wall art for home décor that will be a conversational piece wherever it is placed.

Let us create a personalised family portrait illustration for you that you can treasure for years to come!

For group portrait more than 6 subjects, please email to

Each drawing is hand drawn upon order confirmation. Generally, we will take about 7-10 days to complete the drawing.

None/Minimal background: Think a splash of color, blue cloudy sky, grass and sky, sunset etc.
Custom background: Anything with extra details such as confetti, buildings, sceneries etc.

Watercolor Painting

Soft, delicate watercolor painted with attention to fine details. Custom portrait illustrations are hand drawn with reference to photo provided.

Each watercolor portrait drawing conveys the atmosphere and unique personality of the person or people.

Not sure what photo to upload?
Check out this blog post on how to choose the right photo for your portrait.

Watercolor Painting


Handmade with love.
Make it uniquely yours.

Gift Wrapping

Complimentary service.
Ready to be gifted.
*Except for Mugs.

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