Custom Family Portrait Papercut Pop-up Frame


Bring joy to your loved ones with a personalised custom family portrait papercut pop up frame. Handcrafted papercut frame feature digitally illustrated portrait drawing intricate papercut and artistic details to make the details stand out.

Handcrafted using paper and tools, making it a one of a kind gift for all special occasions like birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day or simply to display a family portrait at home. Encapsulate your favourite family moment with a beautiful custom piece of family artwork.

  • Portrait drawing with your choice of 4 illustrated pop up items and custom text

 For couple or small group portrait pop up frame, click here

Each drawing is hand drawn upon order confirmation. Generally, we will take about 7-10 days to complete the drawing.

Digital Portrait Illustration

Custom portrait painting from photo drawn digitally with an Apple iPad Pro and pencil. We love to play with vibrant colors and handlettering.

One of a kind digital portrait drawing service by local artist in Singapore. Each piece is made to order.

Digital Portrait Illustration


Make it uniquely yours.
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Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping service is complimentary to ensure your item is ready to be gifted.
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